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Lahore, Pakistan

Wheat Straw

Wheat Straw

Discover the exceptional versatility of our premium Wheat Straw at Organic Feed’s Glow. Ideal for livestock bedding, mulching, and erosion control, our Wheat Straw is harvested and processed to meet the highest quality standards. It’s not only a sustainable choice but also a soil health booster, providing excellent insulation for your animals. At Organic Feed’s Glow, we take pride in offering contaminant-free Wheat Straw, ensuring the well-being of your animals. Choose us for a reliable source of this essential agricultural resource.

Wheat Straw Specifications
Product Wheat Straw
UseCattle, Cow, Sheep, Goat
Place of OriginPakistan
ColorBright Golden Yellow
Moisture (%)5.0 – 6.0 % Max
Crude Protein (%)2.0 – 3.0 %
Admixture (%)0.0 % (None)
Total Aflatoxin(PPB)10.00%
Bale SizeStandard18kg to 20kg (As per customer demand)
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